• Team Mirror
    Look in the mirror!
    The Team Mirror is a free online tool for High Impact Teaming. The mirror reflects the growth
    potential of your team and helps you to take action!
  • Workshop
    Get started with your team!
    Discuss the results of the Team Mirror with your team members during a team workshop!
    All course documents are available for free.
  • The High Impact Teaming model
    What makes teams effective?
    The High Impact Teaming model developed by Stefan Decuyper, Elisabeth Raes, and Anne Boon is the scientific
    basis of the Team Mirror tool.
    Have a look!


Are you looking for a simple but effective way to improve the collaboration in teams?
Unicorn, the University of Leuven and the European Social Fund developed a free online instrument: the Team Mirror. From our joint experience with team development we co-created a methodology to support High Impact Teaming. Over 2000 people used the Team Mirror. Participants described it as "confronting but safe, motivating and organizing".

You can do it all by yourself and 100% free!
Register your team online and send out the team mirror questionnaire by pressing the 'Start Team Mirror' button at the top of this screen. Two days before you want to discuss the way you work together an individual report is generated and sent to each team member - completely automatically. This report can serve as a base for your discussion. We also prepared several ‘Team Mirror Workshops’ to help you with that. You can download all course documents for these workshops free of charge on this website.

The Team Mirror was realized with financial support from the European Social Fund. For more info, please visit www.esf-agentschap.be/en.

Anita Fermon - Belfius Academy

"I rarely experienced something that has such a large impact on mutual trust! The Team Mirror really helped us to build confidence and to go the extra mile!”

Liesbeth Decuyper - VOKA

"In the past we did a lot of sessions to strengthen our team, but it often felt as lost time. The Team Mirror immediately got us to talk about the things that matter most. It really helped us to turn findings into productive agreements!"

Anita Fermon - Belfius Academy

“The Team Mirror offers a remarkably veracious mirror! What I appreciated most is the way in which the Unicorn people coached us. Next to their professional approach they really show the authenticity and openness to get the best out people."

Who has been looking into the Team Mirror?