Develop as team member

How does the Feedback Finder work?

It's easy ... because the method is identical to that of the Team Mirror.
We developed our own 180° feedback technique. We ask you and maximum 4 other team members to complete a questionnaire with 24 questions about your functioning in the team. We do the same for all other team members. The output is, just like the output of the Team Mirror, an automatically generated report for each team member. Together, these reports serve as the basis of the teaming workshop.

Click here to look at an example of a Feedback Finder report. 

Important: The results of the Feedback Finder are delicate, so we believe the discussion needs to be guided by a professional in order to get to the desired outcome. For this reason, the Feedback Finder tool can only be used with the support of a professional. You have the possibility to cooporate with Unicorn, or with another professional.

The questions were selected in collaboration with a team of researchers from the University of Leuven (Belgium). 
The closed questions in the questionnaire mirror the most important variables of personal leadership and effectiveness in teams:
  • engagement
  • expertise
  • personal vision
  • self-management
  • self-trust
  • growth mindset
  • win-win mindset

Identical to the Team Mirror, we ask to rate every question twice: first on the current situation (as is) and second on the desired situation (to be). The difference between both is what gives interesting and confronting results.

In addition to the closed questions about variables, there is also an open questions. This open questions provides the opportuniy to give and receive constructive qualitative feedback. To ensure effective feedback, we use of the 'Reflected Best Self' method.