Develop as team member

Developing Team Members

"There is no I in team, but there sure is one in TEAM I NG!"


'The team' can't do anything. Either you as a team member do something, or you do nothing. A team succeeds or fails in High Impact Teaming depending on the competenties and mindsets of it's independent individuals! To support individual team members in their development process, Unicorn developed the Feedback Finder. The principle of this instrument is identical to the Team Mirror. This tool makes sure that all team members get clear feedback about their way of working within the team.

We believe in open and honest feedback aimed at growth.  Feedback helps you to make full use of your potential. The Feedback Finder tool gives you a chance 'to look into the mirror' in a different way. The reflection in the mirror offers you three perspectives:

  1. How do I see myself in this team?
  2. How do other team members see me in this team?
  3. How are the other team members perceived?
This mirror helps you to identify your personal opportunities for growth. The reflection in the mirror is not 100% real, but it is a summary of perceptions that can help you to create a personal development plan.