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Team Mirror Helpdesk

How can I change my password?

After logging in, you can click on the 'profile' on the top of the page. Here you can adjust your personal data.

Can I adapt the deadline for completing the survey after sending out the Team Mirror to the participants? 

No. However, team members can continue completing the questionnaire after the deadline has passed - untill one day before the workshop. As the facilitator, you can refresh the questionnaire right before the workshop by pressing the refresh sign and you can download the newly-generated reports by pressing the sign with a drop on it. Take into account that the system can only generate 8 reports per hour. This means it could take a while to download all the reports.

I did not get an e-mail for completing my registration. What can I do?

Check whether the mail ended up in your spam box. If not, please contact us via

I can add team members using Excel, however participants don't get included in the list. What can I?

Compare the layout of the document you are using with the layout of the example document. Go to 'teams'. Click on 'add participants' and then click on 'import participants'. At the top you see 'sample Excel'. Don't change the layout of this file, because this could cause trouble when you upload the document again. 

Can I add participants after I started the Team Mirror?

Yes, log in and click on 'teams'. Click on the team to which you want to add participants and then click on 'add participants'. These participants automatically get an email with a link that takes them to the online questionnaire. If this does not work, contact us via

Can I change my e-mail address?

No, the e-mail address you used for registration cannot be changed.

I can choose for the option 'reports unavailable for participants'. Why would I do that?

In principle, we don not recommend this option. For efficient use of time, it is best that team members receive and read their team and individual report beforehand. In some cases, if you, as the facilitator, have the feeling that the results are very sensitive and you would like to be present if the team members receive the report, you can choose for that option. Be aware: in that case you have to download the reports yourself by logging in and click on the download symbol. In this case you will have to print the reports, which may lead to additional costs.

The option 'reports unavailable for participants' does not work. What now?

In that case you are probably the leader of this team as well. Only in cases where the facilitator is not the team leader, it is possible to choose this option. That is the case because we want to avoid that team leaders are able to read the individual reports without their permission of the team members.

A team member did not fill in the Team Mirror. What happens now?

Even if not all team members fill in the Team Mirror questionnaire, you usually get valid results. As long as the team members who did fill in the questionnaire are a representative sample sample of the team. In that case only the answers of the team members who did fill in the questionnaire are represented in the reports. But every team member is considerd as an observer of the team and only means are calculated. That is why in case of a representative sample, their will never be extreme deviations in results.

What happens with the data after my team completed the Team Mirror?

The data gathered via the Team Mirror are handled with 100% confidentiallity. As soon as the data of your team are complete, the names of the team and the team members are deleted from the file. Every 6 months an anonimized Excel with the data from all teams is sent to the University of Leuven. Team researchers use the data to for scientific research on team effectiveness. 

Who can facilitate the workshop?

The facilitator of the workshop can be an engaged team member, a formal or an informal team leader, a manager, a coach from HR, an external coach or trainer, etc. The task of a facilitator is to support the team in exposing the potential of the team and its team members. Of course, you can ask Unicorn to facilitate this workshop. Unicorn is specialised in coaching teams. Sometimes it is better to involve someone who does not have any connection to the team or the organisation. Someone who knows the tools inside out. Somebody who has the skills to guide a constructive conversation with the goal of improving the group dynamics.

If I want to work with multiple teams, do I have to pay anything?

No, everything is and stays for free.

I want to roll out the Team Mirror in my organization, who can help me?

There are several options. We can support you by facilitating an introduction session, by organizing a train the trainer for the internal trainers in your organisation or we can co-design the roll-out with you. We can even go as far as gathering financial information from your teams and other effectiveness indicators in order to help you quantify the formula for success of your organization. Feel free to contact us via