Develop as a team

How does the Team Mirror work?

Most of the time, a team's reason for existence can be found outside of the team. It's about results, obtaining goals, winning. Not surprisingly, some teams spend almost all of their time thinking and talking about results. Unfortunately, these results - and thus winning or losing - do not solely depend on you and your team. Whether a soccerteam wins or loses depends on the team. But it also depends on their contestant, the referee, casual events, etc. There is at least one thing each team fully controls: the processes of the High Impact Teaming building blocks are 100% within a team's circle of influence. The High Impact Teaming-model and this Team Mirror challenge teams to confront themselves, to look into the mirror and see which variables they can influence to improve their team effectiveness. 

The online questionnaire
The Team Mirror is available in three languages: Dutch, French, and English. It contains statements on the team level, that target the four main building blockes of High Impact Teaming (Visioning, Organising, Safe Teaming, and Team Learning). 

All team members are considerd the 'observers' of the team. Every statement will be scored two times. F
irst, the team members score the statement is in the current situation. Second, the team members score the statement in the desired situation. The difference between the current situation and the desired situation expresses how important it is to discuss the topic during the Teaming-workshop. In the report, we refer to this difference as the growth wish of your team.

The report
The output of the Team Mirror-questionnaire is an automatically generated report for each team member. This report serves as a mirror for the team. The reflection in the mirror is not the absolute reality or truth. It is a summary of the perceptions of all the team members about the functioning of the team. The report will serve as a starting point for your Team Mirror workshop and will help you to close the gap between 'knowing' and doing'. Click here to see an example report.

Something for me?
Can the Team Mirror mean something for me and my team(s)? Yes! You can use the Team Mirror for teams from 3 to 20 team members. Your team doesn't need to meet all criteria of classic team definitions, like for example:  “A team is a collection of individuals who are interdependent in their tasks, who share responsibility for outcomes, who see themselves and are seen by others as a social entity embedded in one or more larger social systems (…), and who manage their relationships across organizational boundaries.” - Cohen & Bailey, 1997, p. 241.

The Team Mirror also works for groups, divisions, networks, coupls, or any constellation of people that doesn't neccesarily check all the boxes of a traditional team. The most important prerequisite is that you are looking for ways to improve the effectiveness of the way you collaborate!