Develop as a team


Important: consider these course documents as a first proposal. Which topics you are going to work with, are completely up to you. Focus on the growth priorities and specific desires of your team and be creative with the interactive exercises. It is your responsibility / challenge to make this team workshop into a successful learning experience!

This PowerPoint presentation contains the required building blocks for a team workshop. You are welcome to adapt the presentation to the available time and the priorities of your team.  

Personal Development Plan (PDP)
This is a format for a Personal Development Plan that can help team members to develop key habits.  

Team Development Plan (TDP)
This is a format for a Team Development Plan that can help the team to develop team habits. 

Evaluation Form
This Evaluation Form can be used after the workshop to gather data about how you as a facilitator and the impact of the session are perceived by the team members. 

Manual - register yourself online
This manual will guide you through the different steps of online registration. 

Required materials for the workshop
This document contains a list of materials that you need to execute the default workshop effectively. 

Sample Report
This sample report gives you the look and feel of how a report for your team could look like.