Develop as a team

Can I use it by myself?

Yes, you can use the Team Mirror by yourself and 100% free of charge! 
Working with teams and feedback can be sensitive sometimes. When you register yourself as a facilitator for your team, it is a good idea to inform your team members about your objectives: why are we doing this? What is the procedure? Teams should consist of minimum 3 and maximum 20 team members. Below we explain to you how easy the proces of sending out the Team Mirror questionnaire is:

  1. Click on 'Start Team Mirror' on the top right and register as the facilitator of your team.
  2. Next, choose the date on which you will discuss the results with your team during a team workshop.
  3. You will also have to choose a deadline for filling in the questionnaires. (Hint: it is a good idea to set a strict deadline, preferably well in advance of the actual workshop. This gives you as a facilitator enough time to prepare your team workshop based on the results of the questionnaires.)
  4. The Team Mirror tool and all needed course materials are freely available on this website. You will have to choose between sending the reports to your team members in advance, or at the day of your team workshop.
  5. When the registration of your team is complete, the questionnaires will automatically be sent to all team members.
  6. You can now complete the questionnaire! Team members receive an automatic email with their personal link to the Team Mirror questionnaire. Filling out takes only 8 minutes. (Hint: To make sure your team members notice this email in their mailbox, it is a good idea to inform them about the Team Mirror questionnaire and your objectives.)
  7. Three days before the deadline, an automatic email will be sent as a reminder to the team members who did not yet complete the online questionnaire. You, as the facilitator of your team, will receive an overview of the team members who did / did not complete the questionnaire. (Hint: it is a good idea to encourage them personally to complete the questionnaire.)
  8. When the deadline for filling out has passed, you as the facilitator of your team can download the automatically generated reports. Based on the results in these reports, you can start preparing your team workshop. On this website, you will find everything you need to get started. The output of your teaming workshop can be a Team Development Plan, Personal Development Plans for every team member,...

Please note that it is important to consider if you will be a suitable facilitator for this team. We are not able to make this decision on your behalf, but we have collected the competences of a good facilitator in this checklist to help you make this decision.

You are not quite sure if you are the most suitable facilitator? Ask Unicorn for help!
If you doubt whether you are a suitable facilitator for the team, you better not facilitate the team workshop by yourself. Look for a more suitable facilitator inside or outside your company. You can always contact Unicorn for alternative solutions. Unicorn has a long track record in coaching professional teams to a higher level. Sometimes, it is just better to involve someone who has no link with the team or the organisation. Someone who is familiar with the tool, someone who has the right skills to make sure the focus is always on improving the team dynamics.

Unicorn, who is also the developer of the Team Mirror, can be a preferred partner to coach your team workshop, tailormade to your team.